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We can’t wait to help you rejuvenate and heal your skin so that you fall in love!

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Love Your Skin!

Your Wake Forest, NC Skin Experts

Our Skin Specialist & Medical Aesthetician/Esthetics professional Hannah Love is available to help you fall in love with your skin!



Our Dermaplaning skin treatment uses exfoliating techniques to remove dead skin cells and ``peach fuzz`` hair from your face.



Bid farewell to problem areas for up to a year and cherish your rejuvenated collagen active skin!



This minimally invasive technique enhances skin tone and texture, reduces fine lines, sun damage and clogged pores.


Anti-aging Facials

Our products and techniques are designed to slow the aging process, brighten skin and infuse vitamins.

See The Difference

The health and wellness of our clients skin is our number one priority. We want you to fall in love with your skin. Take a look at some of the results.

One of Wake Forest's Leading Medical Estheticians

Skin Specialist & Medical Aesthetician/Esthetics

Hannah Love

About Hannah Love

Love Your Skin, LLC was founded by Hannah Love, one of Raleigh's leading Skin Specialists & Medical Aesthetician/Esthetics professionals.

Providing Microneedling, Personalized Facials (Face & Back), Dermaplaning, Brow Tinting, Waxing, All Organic Products & More!

Hannah is a graduate of Aveda: Estiology in Science completed in March 2016 and now has over four years of practical experience. She is also a former student of Appalachian State University in the chemistry field.

Hannah has also received extra certifications in Micro-needling, Dermaplaning and Micro-blading.

Our Services & Pricing

Here is a complete overview of our services and pricing. Click Book Now to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

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  • Dermaplaning
  • $ 120 $95 after your first 3 sessions
    • Provides deeper Product Penetration
    • Reduces the appearance of Acne Scars
    • Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles
    • Removes Vellus hair “peach fuzz”
    • Removes Dead Skin from the Epidermis and Pigmentation Issues for Dewy Radiant skin
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  • Micro-needling
  • $ 200 recommended 3-6 sessions per year
    • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, Acne Scars, Sagging Skin
    • Improves Skin Texture and Decrease Pore Size
    • Reduces Brown Spots, Stretch Marks, Pigment Issues
    • Improves Circulation
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  • Micro-dermabrasion
  • $ 100 recommended every 2-5 months
    • Minimally Invasive Procedure
    • Enhances Skin Tone
    • Enhances Skin Texture
    • Reduces Fine Lines, Sun Damage, Clogged Pores
More Ways to Love Your Skin!

Additional Services

Anti-Aging Facial


Products & techniques designed to slow the aging process, brightens skin, vitamin infused serums

Anti-aging Facial w/ Light Therapy


Moisturizing massage facial including LED lighting to improve circulation

Express Facials


Cleanses skin, mask according to skin type or problem areas and finished with steam and moisturizer in just 40 mins.

Age Spot Renewal Treatment for Mature Skin


Will require micro-needling + LED light therapy finalized with a hylauronic acid masque

Liquid Chemical Peel


Remove damaged skin cells and dead skin for radiance on epidermis

Liquid Chemical Peel with Steam


Remove damaged skin cells and dead skin for radiance on epidermis

Micro-needling Add-on for Neck


Helps eliminate fine lines and wrinkles from dermal layer of the neck while producing collagen to prevent wrinkles and fill lines



Helps eliminate fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Less invasive than micro-needling Only targets epidermis layer of skin.

Brow Tinting


Accentuate your eyebrows with a fuller, thicker look by adding color

Lash Tinting


Add pigment to your lashes and skip the hassle of mascara

Brow Wax


Charcoal or Green Tea top-of-the-line wax, lasts up to 3-4 weeks

Upper Lip Wax


Charcoal or Green Tea top-of-the-line wax, lasts up to 3-4 weeks

Chin Wax


Charcoal or Green Tea top-of-the-line wax, lasts up to 2-4 weeks

Under Arm Wax


Charcoal or Green Tea top-of-the-line wax, lasts up to 3-4 weeks

Microdermabrasion / Hydrofacial


Cleanses and invigorates skin that shows signs of aging and sun damage.



3-D hair-stroke eyebrow tattoo. Lasts 12-18 months per session. A consultation is required in order to know if you qualify.

Anti-Acne Steam Facial


Clarifying facial for acne damaged and acne-prone skin

Anti-Acne & Acne Scar LED Facial


Clarifying facial for acne damaged and acne-prone skin

Hannah is always super helpful and responsive to my skin care regimen and needs. I can always count on her to come to the rescue and keep my skin looking amazing. She's also great about educating clients to teach them how to set up skin care routines, recommending specific products based on your skin type, goals and budget and following up to see how the routine is working. She consistently exceeds my expectations. I can’t recommend her enough - I absolutely love working with Hannah at Love Your Skin LLC. ❤️

Maggy Norwood Client

I have been a client of Hannah Love for 1 year now. I came in with deep pores and scarring. She has helped my face tremendously with Micro-needling and Microderm. Currently, I have no pores and the complexion on my face is always glowing. It's one of the best feelings in the world! She always takes great care of me and is so passionate and knowledgeable.

Durkhanai Khan Client

I have been going to Hannah for about 5 months and she has a true gift. My eye brows have never looked better and the wax she uses is great for my sensitive skin."

Crystal Nelson Client

Hannah is a great esthetician and she always makes my skin look radiant and bright after my visits with her. She listens to my skin care concerns and does a fantastic job with my facials.

Valerie Murray Client

I am a cancer-chemo survivor and my complexion showed it. I started going to Hannah over 1.5 years ago and now my skin is glowing. She is meticulous, dedicated, professional, genuine and an all around sweetheart. I go to her for facial waxing, eyebrow tinting, dermaplaning, facials and micro-needling. She has made me look 10 years younger.

Vivian Carlson Client

I have been to many spas over the years and enjoy facials and other procedures that help keep my aging skin healthy and younger looking. After going to Hannah this past year, I realized that I don't want to go anywhere else. I especially love her facials and microneedling which rebuilds collagen and plumps my skin. I appreciate her expertise and use of high quality, natural products on my sensitive skin. I feel very blessed that I have her as my personal esthetician.

Linda L. Burrell Client

Hannah Love did an incredible job! She really took the time to make sure it was done right. My eyebrows look very natural, clean and manicured, but not overdone, still very masculine. What really surprised me was the impact it had on my overall appearance. I am now a regular client. Once every month or two I'll go back to her for a touch-up. It is a relaxing and therapeutic experience. Absolutely time and money well spent.

Robert Woessner Client

Hannah is a true professional when it comes to skin care and spa services. The brow tinting service she provides truly enhances my natural features and saves me time when I'm getting ready in the morning as a paralegal.

Kate Sanyer Paralegal